Titanic Report

Alfred Fernand Omont – Cotton trader in Le Havre

A lfred Fernand Omont was born in 1882 in Elbeuf-sur-Seine in Normandy, the last of six children. At the age of fourteen he apprenticed in London with the famed clothier Dormeul. He later went into business as a cotton importer. By 1912, he had already crossed the Atlantic twelve times on business. On his voyage of 1912 he was on his way to call on an important customer in Savannah, Georgia; Savannah was one of the main cotton trading ports on the Atlantic coast.

Alfred Fernand Omont was originally planning on boarding a different steamship in Le Havre, the city where his business was located. However, there was a coal miners’ strike at the time, and he was forced to board the Titanic in Cherbourg, since the Titanic was given a preferential supply of coal. He received a ticket with the number 12998. On April 10, 1912, Omont was driven to Cherbourg by car by his business partner. Most of the other French Titanic passengers arrived with the train Transatlantique, which had departed St. Lazare Station in Paris heading for Cherbourg’s Gare Maritime.
Before embarking, he called his brother to let him know that the Titanic would be taking him to his two-week business trip to the U.S.
Alfred Fernand Omont boarded the Titanic at 5:30 p.m.

Boarding Pass

Boarding Pass for the Titanic (facsimile)