Titanic Report

Testimony of a survivor, Alfred Omont (France)

A lfred Fernand Omont, 29, was among the first class passengers on board of the Titanic on April 10, 1912. He boarded the ship in Cherbourg, en route to the American South to purchase cotton for his import business. He survived the Titanic catastrophe thanks to a plunge into the first life boat to be lowered. Fortunately he had been playing Bridge at the nearby Café Parisien when the Titanic rammed into the iceberg, allowing him quick access to the lifeboat.

New York

Picture Omont

Alfred Fernand Omont
Cover of the publication
„Latitude 41, No. 28, Revue de l´Association Française du Titanic",
A. F. Omont, by Frank Gavard-Perret, 2006